Monthly Archives: September 2015

Kate Murphy – new blog entry on Women in the early BBC

WREN Kate Murphy has written a fascinating entry for the BBC blog on women and early BBC based on her forthcoming book Behind the Wireless: An Early History of Women at the BBC. Check it out.

Dead Girls Tell No Tales – equal pay, hidden histories and character assassination at the BBC

One of the great legends of British broadcasting history is that the popular BBC soap opera “The Archers” killed off its heroine Grace Archer in a dramatic fire in its early years – supposedly not coincidentally with the launch of the BBC’s commercial rival ITV.  Now, at age 90, the actress Ysanne Churchman, has offered a more mundane and all-too-familiar explanation, that has been now been adapted into a fascinating radio docudrama.  It centred, among other things, around a demand for equal pay….

Check out the BBC news report on the story, and listen while you can here.